I do storyboards for animation and make weird faces.
Months-old character exploration sketches I did in the margins of a storyboard file! She is an indoors-only kind of gal.
Comics Alliance interview with Brianne Drouhard about the Princess Amethyst shorts! Brianne is the best beast this side of animation town!! Here is an Amethyst I drew!!!

I am boarding an episode of Venture Bros with jabart! Our PM called us the “Venture Sisters” so I made a drawing of it, yay 

Breaking ground and drawing butts all day all night
I’m running a 5K! I’m… running?! I’ve been running! I actually like it?! I’m a middle-aged lady now. Send me your pinterests.
If you can, please donate a couple bucks to the Melanoma Research Foundation! Melanoma is scary stuff, man. Let’s kick it in the butt!
how did you get your current job ?

I drew a lot! And got excited about learning a lot, and had good timing a lot. That’s about it.

Or: WB had a storyboard revisionist position to fill right when I was taking¬†Jay Oliva's class at CDA a few years back, and Jay offered me the job at the end of the term (he said he would have hired me earlier if I hadn’t stopped turning in my homework for a few weeks, GOOD JOB ME). I did storyboard revisions for a year, learned a lot, transitioned to doing storyboards, learned even more, worked hard, made buddies, got a little bit better at drawing superhero butts, got a job offer from a buddy who’d moved to Titmouse, and here I am today!¬†

Doodled a quick self-portrait while cleaning storyboards. Hello 2014! Hair’s different but my brain’s the same.




…like I said, butts…

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