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I may be late on this but has anyone else noticed the female bands/female fronted bands homages Marceline and The Scream Queens covers make?

:D It was Marceline/AT comics editor Shannon's idea and I just about flipped some tables when she sent me a list of suggested covers. (Meredith did the Blondie SDCC exclusive cover, which is totally one of my favorites!)

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Marceline and the Scream Queens #5 is out Wednesday, Nov. 14th! Pick it up for more awesomeness from Meredith Gran, PLUS a backup comic by the incredible Polly Guo.

I don’t have a sketch for this one, but you might notice that the location of Marceline’s teethmarks had to be changed after my lineart was sent to Lisa Moore to color.

Weird to think that Adventure Time’s target demo was probably in utero or a sparkle in someone’s eye when this album came out…

Another process post! Here is the Diamond Comics exclusive SDCC cover for Marceline and the Scream Queens. This one had a pretty quick turnaround, so I ended up scribbling a few very rough thumbnails on some post-its before going with this idea. Lisa totally made this cover with her colors!

I don’t know what’s going on with the previews (lines why), but the images should work when viewing them at full-view.

I received my comps for the first issue of Marceline and the Scream Queens today, so I thought I’d post my process (as it were) for doing the A cover lineart!

That ridiculous thumb was the first and my favoritest idea I had for the cover. Luckily, Shannon liked it too. So there it is: thumb -> sketch -> lineart (I left the fx and clouds on separate layers to hopefully make things easier for Lisa) -> awesome colors by the amazing Lisa Moore!

Maybe the coolest thing about doing the covers is I get complimentary copies of the comic before it hits the stands, and I get to tell you guys how awesome it is! Guys: it’s awesome. I love Meredith Gran's work and I can't wait to see where she takes Marceline and Princess Bubblegum next. Jen Wang's short comic is great and plucked at my heartstrings (oh geez that pun wasn't intentional but I guess I'll leave it in anyway).

Definitely check it out when it hits stands July 25—OOPS, July 11! (Wiki, you done me wrong…) Or if you’re going to SDCC next weekend, you’ll be able to pick it up there.