I do storyboards for animation and make weird faces
I’ll be in the Artist Alley at Sakura-Con this weekend! Work’s been kicking my butt and I just got over a nasty sinus infection (still chasing the last of it out, to be honest), but I’m excited to visit Seattle again. I’ll be tabling with some friends—no new stuff to show (see work, sinus infection), but I’ll have some old postcard prints and I’ll probably take a few sketch commissions if anybody wants one. Come say hi!
Artist Alley Tables 200, 202, and 204!
The above was going to be the freshmen team visiting the Space Needle… but work, sinus infection… :’)

Jen ‏@workworkpartyYJ was my first job in animation. I was one of two storyboard revisionists, and it was the best intro to the industry ever. #SaveYJandGLTASI’ve still got loads of silly doodles on old script pages and print-outs. #SaveYJandGLTAS (Eduardo’s scarf is my fave!)
Posting an older sketch to celebrate today’s YJ ep. Baaart! :D
We had a bunch of the dudes trying to do this pose in the hallway. It was great. :D