I do storyboards for animation and make weird faces.
Quigonejinn’s Luther fanvid (warning for graphic blood) got me all jazzed about Luther again tonight!
Luther does some awesome things with composition and shot choice. The interrogation sequence is a pretty fun scene to pick at. At the beginning of the sequence Alice is screen left and Luther’s screen right, and all conventional film/tv composition rules apply. No breaking of the 180, characters pretty much stay on their respective sides of the screen. The turning point is when Luther deliberately yawns—all of a sudden they’ve swapped sides. When he leaves the room and then comes back, it initially reverts back to the same set-up as the beginning (Alice left, Luther right), but Luther’s crowding her space now. Luther says the word “suspect” and when it cuts to Alice the camera slowly begins to drift left—placing her on screen right. (i.e. the above) They’re both openly playing the game now, pushing at each other, testing, practically battling. This continues to the end, when the camera ends up in the wall, on the other side of the table—Alice is so creepily victorious that she broke the 180 rule!
EDIT: If you’d like to see the interrogation scene, the first season (six episodes) is up on Netflix instant watch!