I do storyboards for animation and make weird faces.
Months-old character exploration sketches I did in the margins of a storyboard file! She is an indoors-only kind of gal.
Doodled a quick self-portrait while cleaning storyboards. Hello 2014! Hair’s different but my brain’s the same.
My buddy Emily got leggings with cats floating in space on them and then she did this at lunch, probably scaring the staff.
Lady in line at Porto’s
Orange is the New Black is so good, I am only two episodes in and it’s like, women!! INCREDIBLE WOMEN!! (IN PRISON!!)
Also Dascha Polanco is really pretty, wow.
Doodle break at work while listening Q.U.E.E.N. I didn’t look up reference so it’s kind of Janelle Monae? Ish? Maybe?
Stress-relief doodle. Animu? Animu! 
Sometimes when I’m working, I will go cross-eyed and when I wake up stuff like this has appeared in my work file. (And then, weeks later, I will waste more time by posting it on tumblr.)
Another warm-up/break doodle. (The lines look jagged because I’m doodling in Storyboard Pro, which uses vectors. The drawing looks bad because I can’t draw.)
Me: Gee, it sure would be neat if Tahno were a gir—
Internet: Yeah we did that AGES ago.