I do storyboards for animation and make weird faces
Months-old character exploration sketches I did in the margins of a storyboard file! She is an indoors-only kind of gal.
1) Eat sandwich
2) Think about dream season of Korra
3) Realize it’s basically 12 Kingdoms with Asami, Korra, and girl!Tahno
4) Sketch a thing
5) Profit Lose a few hours probably better spent on paying job and blow $40 on the 12K DVD set
ETA 6) Find 12K fanmade trailer set to ATLA music GJ UNIVERSE
(12K is a 2002 anime that starts with a pretty familiar premise—shy, annoyingly weak-willed girl gets transported to magical land where she is revealed to be royalty. This magical land is not so much full of beautiful men ready to romance and/or sacrifice their life for the protagonist as it is full of political intrigue, moral quandaries, and some serious human drama. The protagonist and two other female leads start off in entirely different parts of the world and have never heard of each other, but their journeys lead them to meet and unite for an epic common cause by the end of the story. The three girls have some of the most extreme and rewarding character arcs I’ve seen in an animated show! I highly recommend it. Just have some patience in the beginning—the protagonist starts at an EXTREMELY low point and it’s not a quick fix to get her to where she’s at by the end of the show. Which is cool!)
Posting an older sketch to celebrate today’s YJ ep. Baaart! :D
I want to try posting sketches and doodles on the regular. Chances of this actually happening are pretty slim, but let’s not get all defeatist right at the get-go! This is a lunchtime doodle I did in the margins of my work file. I don’t really know what the story is here. Office lady getting shushed by a shirtless psychic consultant? Uhhhh
A study in the importance of looking up reference: JAB tries to draw a chicken.
Still can’t decide if this was creepy or kinda cute. I laughed either way!
Thanks, guys!
Found this sketch buried on my desktop. Done directly after seeing the episode last month (was it last month?). I know they should be wearing goatees, but…
+ OH YEAH Pierce comes back as a cyborg. Obviously. PUNCHKICKER.
Found this on my external. This was a margin doodle from the end of June. I think we actually started to animate a turn for this one night…
Doodle before bed. I watched a few episodes of Luther after work today at Dafna’s recommendation. Ruth Wilson’s eyebrows… <3