I do storyboards for animation and make weird faces
One minute and some seconds is a reeeally short time, so Brianne and Ben had to do some actual (editing) magic when it came time to put the Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld animatics and final shorts together. Here is a shot from the end of the seventh short that was cut for time. Fans of the original comic might be able to take a guess at who those badly-drawn backs belong to…
OK time to stop messing around ROLLIN’ UP MY SLEEVES
I was doing some film studies last night and decided to board one of the beginning parts of Up, with little Carl and Ellie. I immediately got waaay too precious with the drawings! I was trying to study cutting and shot choice, so while I can stretch it and say this was some (also much-needed) practice for composition, some acting, and I guess draftsmanship… it wasn’t what I set out to do. :P Timing might be a little off.
Posted this trying to distract myself…
Quick note to self: the shot of Carl before shot of roof needs at least one more drawing—Carl shifting and leaning towards the house anticipates the cut
We had a mock story development jam in class last week! A kind of “plus”ing session with the whole class throwing out ideas and feeding off of each other. We ended up developing a suspense-thriller starring a psychic platypus (who is/was the oracle for the White House), a crazy granny with multiple personalities (at least one of whom wants to kill the president), and a dolphin with a bomb inside of it. The dolphin and platypus are ex-lovers, and obviously the platypus still carries a torch for the dolphin, so the platypus has to figure out a way to disarm the bomb without sacrificing the dolphin. Psychically-induced comas! Stripper grannies! Gay animal cross-species romance! Boat chases! Chopsticks! Mustaches! SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR
At the end of that bonanza we all went and scribbled any images we had swimming in our heads. I couldn’t picture a real platypus so I think I ended up drawing Psyduck, which I sort of have to give myself props for since I never really watched Pokemon. G-go… me…
I’ve decided to try doing quick story exercises whenever I can.
Feedback’s always appreciated! I know I started out at the lowest point possible in terms of content and challenge level (of course).
EDIT: obviously we are in Japan or England, it’s not like I would forget to flip the drawings… mmrrr.